Multi-Source, Multi-Channel, and Exclusively
Consumer Move Data and New Business Data
Digital and Direct Marketing
Multi-Source, Multi-Channel, and Exclusively
Consumer Move Data and New Business Data
Digital and Direct Marketing

Why 360 Data Group

Our Company and Commitment

The 360 Data Group compiles and aggregates national Pre-Mover, New Mover and New Business data with the highest quality & quantity and with price flexibility that is fair & simple. We believe in a shared commitment that leads to mutual success. We provide you the best data so you can focus on growing your business.

Consumer Move Data

Under Contract

Pending Move Data

Exclusively Pending Sale Homes under contract closing in about 45 days. This data is valuable for:
  • New Customer Acquisition 
    • Families moving OUT
    • Families moving IN
  • Existing Customer Retention
  • Keep valuable customers
  • Grow share of wallet
Just Moved In

New Move Data

Homeowners and renters who have Just Moved In are a valuable target for:

  • New customer product service offers
  • Existing customer retention promotions

Target marketing strategies include:

  • Multi-Channel Frequency: Reaching new movers early and often through multiple channels
  • Timing: Promoting to customer candidates 3 months, 6 months and even 1 year after they move
Moved From / To

Address Change Data

Our unique Change of Address records include both the New Mover Address and their Previous Address. This enables us to:

  • Link homeowner demographic profiles to deliver more relevant offers;
  • Match movers to your customer database;
  • Measure how far they moved; and even
  • Determine if they bought a bigger or smaller home.

Business Data

Just Opened

New Business Data

New business starts are collected daily from multiple sources including government registrations and internet websites. New businesses, like new movers, tend to have greater product and service needs and are highly responsive to marketing offers.

Our data is unique in identifying the new company industry (SIC) for extreme targeting and messaging.

Digital and Direct

eCommerce Business Data

Insight into company and product domains can be extremely valuable to businesses needing to know what companies to target for their marketing communications. This data is rich in technology, product and contact information, particularly valuable to these industries:

  • Shipping Companies
  • Financial Services
  • Technology Companies
  • Many more…

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