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Quality Data from Trusted Professionals.

Founded in 2015, the 360 Data Group has always focused exclusively on delivering the highest quantity and quality of New Mover and New Business data available by multi-sourcing and adding multi-channel connections to support both digital and direct marketing campaigns. Our goal is our customer’s success. We always produce quality data and deliver professional service.

Our Unique Differences

Greater Coverage

Producing our unique data products requires we compile and integrate more than 20 different data sources. This ensures we capture nearly every New Mover and New Business available so you can focus on meeting your business retention and acquisition goals.
Our company uses extreme data hygiene and match-merge processing techniques utilizing multiple national databases. This eliminates “false positives” and provides unique, selectable and deliverable records that contribute to your campaign ROI.

Higher Quality

Deeper Insight

Compared to any single source or competitor, our multi-sourcing and data enhancement deliver records that are more complete. We append missing attributes when we can, including contact names, telephone numbers, and even new business SIC codes. For new movers, we provide a previous address for better demographic targeting as well as improved customer matching.
Our pricing is designed with the flexibility to meet our clients’ business goals and budgets. We support both fixed and variable pricing models that best fit your business requirements and marketing budgets.

Better Pricing

Our People

Meet the team

Stanford Crowley

Senior Manager

Ann Longtin


Britany Nathanson

Senior Manager

What we do

The 360 Service.

We compile, aggregate, and certify national new business, new mover, and pre-mover records from multiple data sources and verified source types. Our data can support the marketing campaigns and analytic programs of end-user companies, resellers, and agencies.

For increased communication options, we improve input records with digital contact information, including email. We also enhance appended demographic attributes for greater record selectivity.

To support client orders and subscriptions, we update our data products daily and publish weekly in standard or customized formats. We generally deliver national or subnational files to clients. However, we also have targeted marketing lists available through our strategic business partnerships.

What can we help you overcome?

We help companies stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.