Data Lists vs Licenses – Unraveling the Distinctions


In the world of data-driven marketing, it’s crucial to understand the differences between data lists and licenses. These two terms represent distinct approaches to acquiring 3rd party data. In this post, we’ll delve into the differences between data lists and licenses, shedding light on when you should consider licensing data rather than buying lists. 

Data Lists: What are data lists and when should you use them?

Data lists are one-off rentals of data records for direct marketing use. While they may provide some basic information, data lists are limited in their basic scope and quantity but can be enhanced with phones, emails or demographics for additional fees. Generally, lists are used for small and very specific, localized campaigns due to their relatively high per record cost. Generally there is a requirement to utilize a minimum number of records from the list whether they are actually used or not, as well as additional fees for processing and delivery.

New Business Data

Data Licenses: What are data licenses and when should you use them?

Data licenses are usually larger in size, geography and frequency of update and update than typical marketing lists. Data licensing is a sustained relationship between client and data supplier where the supplier provides regular data deliveries based on the client’s specific requirements supporting a sustained marketing program. For example, New Mover records collected by the data supplier from the prior week can be provided the following week for the specified ...

Why 360 Data Group only supports Data Licensing

At 360 Data Group, we offer comprehensive annual licensing solutions for our clients and data partners. Our licenses grant access to daily, weekly or monthly national or regional data feeds ensuring that our clients receive the most up-to-date and accurate information available when they need it, how they want it and at a price that supports their marketing budget. This comprehensive data encompasses our three core products: Pre-Mover Data, New Mover Data, and New Business Data.

Key Benefits of Licensing:

Quality and Accuracy

Through data licensing, our clients and data partners gain access to high-quality, meticulously verified information. Our data goes through rigorous hygiene and match-merge processes, eliminating false positives and providing selectable and deliverable records that contribute to a higher campaign ROI.

Ongoing Updates

Unlike static, one-off data lists, our licensing model ensures that your business receives timely updates to feed your ongoing marketing programs. We continuously compile, aggregate, and certify national pre-mover, new mover, and new business records, enabling you to stay ahead of the game with the freshest data available.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our licensing solutions encompass multiple data sources, integrating more than 20 different datasets and multiple types of sources. This extensive coverage ensures that you can target nearly every available pre-mover, new mover, and new business, allowing you to exceed your business retention and acquisition goals.

Value for Money

Investing in a licensing subscription offers long-term value for your marketing efforts. With access to comprehensive and high-quality data, you can optimize your campaigns, enhance customer targeting, and maximize your return on investment


When it comes to data-driven marketing, understanding the difference between individual data lists and data licensing subscriptions is crucial. While data lists may offer a temporary solution, they lack the comprehensive coverage, ongoing updates, and quality necessary for successful and persistent direct marketing campaigns. At 360 Data Group, our licensing model ensures that our clients and data partners have access to the highest quality and most comprehensive pre-mover, new mover, and new business data available at a price that supports their budget. By choosing our licensing services, you gain a competitive edge, empowering your marketing efforts with accurate, timely, and valuable data.